CNC Milling and Routing Accessories

Spindle motors and accessories

servo benchtop cnc precision milling routing cutting spindle

cnc-milling-routing-accessories-budget-and-precision-spindle hoods

The cnc spindle is the heart of any mill. It consists of a rotating assembly with a taper where tool holders may be installed.  A cnc spindle motor with optional transmission of some kind rotates the cnc spindle.  The transmission matches the highest power rpm range of the cnc spindle motor to the spindle rpms that are ideal for the particular speeds and feeds of the material being cut.

We offer a range of budget spindles for smaller projects in woodworking, templatemaking, engraving or jewellery making.

We also offer the highest end high frequency, high strength, high power units for specialist materials, for manufacturing carbon fibre.

Depending on your particular project, we can recommend a suitable milling spindle motor with accessories such as spindle hoods and collets for optimal efficiency.

4th axis rotary units and accessories

cnc-milling-routing-accessories-budget 4th axis rotary units

integrated 4th axis rotary unit cnc-milling-routing-accessories-

Adding a 4th axis rotary table to a milling machine provides several advantages giving milling machine users more precision and accuracy without having to change part positions. Additional axis would prove to make any milling machine more diverse and in general, can provide more precision and ease to a complex design, reducing time and costs for the production of a certain piece.

We have designed bespoke rotary units for a number of our customers new cnc milling machines, to carry out specific tasks in their manufacturing processes.

Tool changing units, tool holders

cnc-milling-routing-accessories-toolchanger 4th axis

cnc-milling-routing-accessories-toolchanger 4th axis -cnc-machine

An Automatic tool changer or ATC is used in CNC machine tools to improve the production and tool carrying capacity of the machine. ATC changes the tool very quickly, reducing the non-productive time. Generally, it is used to improve the capacity of the machine to work with a number of tools.

We have multi-station tool changing possibilities, provided with dust-cover as standard, and we supply all accessories, such as tool holders.

Vacuum beds and accessories

cheapest-benchtop-servo-cnc-milling routing cutting machine with vacuum-bed

Vacuum beds are essential for clamping sheet materials. We offer vacuum beds for machining rigid sheets and for machining films, foils and lighter card type materials.

When used in conjunction with our high quality vacuum pumps they offer unrivalled hold down.