Bespoke CNC Milling Machines / Routers

From conception to design, to 3D models and animation of your future CNC milling machine, to delivery and installation, we are close partners, wanting to achieve best results for your automation needs. We can help in designing and constructing a specialised CNC milling machine / router for your demanding work environment. Fitting your special requirements and maybe limitations, we can create the best suited solution for your company.

We have worked with numerous disciplines, creating specialised CNC milling machine / router designs. 

Some examples:

  • We have created a special purpose gun stock manufacturing router, for the prestigeous Holland and Holland Ltd, (supplier to numerous Royal Families), with a modified open bed and purpose designed swarf collection and extraction system.
  • We work closely with partners within the Orthopeadic fields, with sole / insole manufacturers, and have created specialists systems with multiple "cell" manufacturing, allowing them to being able to mill up to 9 workpieces / foam billlets in one manufacturing session, multiplying their output rapidly. We also provide them with specialist cutters, where were designed specifically for this field. 
  • We have created a number of CNC milling machines with 2-3-4 router heads, for easing workload, or cutting multiple pieces at the same time. Our heavy duty, large gantry machine (GPV) was used with 2 router heads by a packaging company, Suttons Ltd, to machine duplicate patterns on a vacuumbed system.
  • We have created a number of bespoke designed CNC milling machines, for Britax Ltd, the market leader of car child safety seat manufacturer, with a modified cutout bed, with an embedded and angled 4th axis rotary unit.
  • We are working closely with hospitals, who use our CNC milling machines for specialised foam seats carving, in wheelchairs for the severely disabled. We have provided CNC milling machines with overhead gantry, to help maintain stability, but allowing for greater Z heights.

If you have a special CNC milling machine / router design requirement, then call us to request an application visit, or  to talk through your project so we can advise on how we may be able to help you.