Economy CNC Milling Machines / Routers

economical benchtop and budget precision cnc stepper milling routing cutting machines

Cheapest STEPPER - ICP range 3020/4030 - Your entry into the world of CNC!

The cost-effective CNC compact system ICP is a CE-compliant, 3D-compatible milling machine ready for mains connection. The CNC system is ready for operation through a simple connection with a conventional PC. The sliding door is quiet-running and enables simple loading and unloading of the machine. The housing is optimally accessible and has been acoustically optimised. On request, various expansion options are available, including a rotating axis, minimum quantity cooling, extraction and much more besides.

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Cheapest Stepper Motor Benchtop CNC / Router

economical benchtop and budget precision cnc servo milling routing cutting machines

Cheapest SERVO - ICV-4030 The all-in-one system for diverse use

The ICV 4030 is outstanding in particular due to its very small footprint and is designed for rapid, professional 3D applications in model construction, rapid prototyping and similar applications. The complete control and power electronics, as well as the control computer, are integrated and protected in the rear wall of the chassis. As such, only an external screen, mouse and keyboard are additionally required for operation. All of the relevant safety provisions according to CE are guaranteed during milling by the protective hood interlocking. The modern servo motors enable improved quiet running and precision. Through the expansion options, such as the vacuum table or a fourth axis, the ICV is also suitable for flexible future use with many applications. 

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Cheapest Servo Motor Benchtop CNC / Router

economical benchtop and budget precision 5 axis cnc milling routing cutting machines

Granite Bed Benchtop SERVO - Compac 250 5-axis precision on granite base; stable, precise, fast!

With the 250i processing centre from imes-icore there is no need to go without the equipment variants customary with many much larger CNC systems. The 5-axis processing with up to 30° axis adjustment, in combination with the integrated 10-times tool changer and the length measuring switch, guarantees the optimum in flexibility. The rotating/swivelling axis with harmonic drive gearing ensures superb milling results. The complete machine system is constructed on a high quality, polished granite base plate and therefore guarantees the maximum in vibration-free stability. 

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5-axis Benchtop with Granite Bed CNC

economical budget precision sliding bed servo cnc milling routing cutting machines

Precision Sliding Bed SERVO - EUROMOD range The intuitive, stable, space-saving solution!

The CNC system EuroMod is a CNC system ready for connection with extensive user convenience for numerous tasks and applications. The mechanical base for the EuroMod is formed by stable, low-vibration steel-aluminium components. The play-free ball screws used in the linear axes ensure high accuracy. When developing the EuroMod particular value was placed on minimal space requirements. The servo motors used are optimally tailored to the mechanics, the power electronics and the control. As a result, the user benefits from high performance and quiet running. The complete electronics for the EuroMod are installed in a switch cabinet. Operation takes place via an operating panel with 19" touchscreen. The design has been conceived such that the gantry area is fixed and the workpiece moved within a stable table range (in the y-direction). 

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Precision Sliding Bed Servo CNC / Router

economical precision moving gantry rapid servo cnc milling routing cutting machines

Moving Gantry Rapid SERVO - FLATCOM range Large travel ranges at a small price!

The FLATCOM machine range is supplied in four sizes with travel ranges of 700 x 600 mm to 1200 x 1400 mm in framework construction with protective hood. The steel/aluminium profiles used in the design enable a high degree of stiffness together with simultaneous low weight. The gantry clearance is 200 mm (optionally 300 mm). Hardened ball screws with EC servo motors are used as the axis drives. The systems are equipped as standard with a CAN-CNC controller on Windows® 7 basis with look-ahead rail processing. The complete power electronics with safety circuit are installed in a mounted switch cabinet. The FLATCOM is superbly well suited when large travel distances are required. With the expansions such as the vacuum clamping table or tool changer, it is innovatively equipped for the future. 

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Moving Gantry Large Travel Rapid Servo CNC / Router