Cheapest Benchtop Stepper Motor CNC / Router  -  Model: ICP4030

cheapest benchtop cnc cutting milling routing machine icp


• Stable aluminium/steel construction in table design 
• Plug & play via USB for direct connection with a conventional PC 
• 4-axis microstep stepper motor control fully integrated in the machine 
• Highest step resolution 
• Main spindle drive UFM 500 
• Enclosed working area according to the CE safety requirements 
• Integrated control software WIN®REMOTE 
• Suitable for running on every conventional PC with Windows 7/8


• Automatic tool changer 
• Working area lighting 
• Length measuring switch 
• Main spindle drives iSA 500/iSA 750 HF spindle up to 80,000 rpm 
• Engraving spindles with mechanical height compensation 
• Lubrication cooling system 
• Rotating axis (4th axis) 
• Suction unit 
• 4-axis rail control function 

• Engraving mat and more

Application examples

• Training/teaching

• Jewellery industry

• Engraving plates

• Architecture/model construction

• Cylindrical surface processing

• Milling circuit boards

• Prototype manufacture

• Milling contours

• Milling pockets

• 3D milling

Benchtop CNC stepper machine used in jewellery making

cnc milling routing cutting machine for education jewellery engraving modelmaking and small cnc projects

Benchtop CNC machine accessories - spindle / rotary axis

     optional 4th axis rotary unit for budget benchtop cnc milling routing cutting machine

Typical materials recommended when working with the budget range CNC milling / routing / cutting machines:

• Plastics

• Wood

• Brass

• Circuit board material

• Wax

circuitboard milling engraving using budget cnc milling routing cutting machine

 Circuitboard engraving milling work carried out on the budget benchtop cnc routing system


Jewellery makers work on cheap budget cnc milling routing cutting machine 

Jewellery maker's example of using budget cnc routing system with 4th axis rotary unit 

Technical dataICP 3020ICP 4030
Travel ranges (X/Y/Z) in mm300 x 200 x 90400 x 300 x 140
Table clamping area WxD in mm500 x 250600 x 375
Clearance height in mm115
Dimensions (LxWxH) in mm610 x 650 x 715780 x 850 x 810
Weight in kgapprox. 102
approx. 120
Repetition accuracy in mm+/- 0.02
Drive motors High-torque stepper motors
GuidesLinear units with precision steel shafts and ball circulation, play-free adjustable
Drive elements (X/Y/Z)Ball screw 16x10 / 16x4 play-free adjustable (optional: 16x4 in X/Y/Z)
Connection voltage16A / 110 - 240 V
ControlMicro-Step controller with 4 end stages 48V4.2A
and power unit 500W with processor board

OperationFunction keys and Emergency  Stop button