Industrial CNC Milling Machines / Routers

Large Bed / Large Gantry - GFV range : Maximum flexibility and efficiency for every application

The CNC-controlled processing machines from the GFV/GFY range guarantee the maximum in efficiency. From diverse application possibilities right through to series production. Unique on the market: Be it as a standard system or expanded as a custom system. Incredible combination possibilities result from the modular and flexible design of the individual components. As such, a selected CNC system is literally tailored to the needs of the customer and the respective application. Through in-house production of the most important mechanical and electrical parts, the flatbed systems for milling, engraving, drilling, multi-sided processing with rotating axis and/or rotating/swivelling axes offer an unmatched price/performance ratio. In terms of their type, they offer the maximum in precision with materials including milling plastics, foams, plastics, gypsum, wood, aluminium and much more besides. 

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Large Bed Large Gantry CNC / Router

Heavy Duty / Large Gantry - GPV range Performance level up to 5 axes with gantry construction and high clearance!

The GPV/GPY - proven as a 5-axis system! Today's applications demand a machine concept that is versatile in use for up to 5-axis processing on the one hand, whilst also offering large processing surfaces and correspondingly large travel paths. The system should naturally also be economical and value for money in procurement, and suitable for expansion with additional applications for the future. Nothing more simple than that: Through the countless possible combinations of the machine frame with linear axes and rotating axes, it has been possible to realise a unique and flexible design. Interesting with the CNC machine range GPV/GPY are the double-sided driven Y and Z axes with very high Z clearance. The application area and milling materials are similar to those of the GFV/GFY systems. The GPV/ GPY system is additionally available with effective auxiliary modules. Through the stable cross member, the system concept could have been created especially for 5-axis processing (4th/5th axis as a rotating/swivelling head). 

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Heavy Duty Large Gantry CNC / Router

 XXL / Heavy Duty / Solid Steel - MMF 5-axis gantry milling machine for large format, model, prototype and mould construction!

The MMF machine range was specially developed for model, prototype and mould construction. High structural stiffness was the priority here. This results from the solid design. Equipped with a fork head as 4th or 5th axis, the MMF is ideally suited for the 5-side processing and milling of large volume workpieces. The interplay between functions such as jerk control, speed and acceleration settings, look-ahead rail control and simultaneous tool orientation permits optimum utilisation of the technology. This means optimum alignment with changing requirements such as speed, accuracy and surface quality. 

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XXL Heavy Duty Solid Steel CNC / Router